A wine collection can be a substantial investment. It is a major disappointment to open a valuable bottle of wine, which has been patiently saved many years for a special occasion, only to discover it has gone bad. Most often, such a disappointment is the result of improper storage and care of the wine. Even ‘everyday’ wine will rapidly deteriorate when not stored properly.

To age optimally, wine requires a balance of temperature and humidity. The temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape during the aging duration. Dry corks crack and allow air to seep into wine bottles, causing oxidation. Excessively wet corks rot, causing the wine to become corked.

Wine collectors generally agree that the ideal temperature for maturing fine wines is 55°F-to-57°F and that the humidty should be balanced between 50%-to-70%. A climate controlled wine cellar is the way to be assure your valuable wines are aging properly. And even if your wine storage needs do not require a climate controlled room, converting a spare room or area of your home to a dedicated wine room is a wonderful enhancement for entertaining!

Caves a Vin Wine Cellar Design and Construction can provide you the custom designed wine cellar you have always dreamed of.

Caves a Vin Wine Cellars was launched by a Northern Virginia wine collector after experiencing the frustration of finding a wine knowledgeable contractor for building a home wine cellar. With local knowledge of the highest quality craftsmen and suppliers, Caves a Vin Wine Cellars focuses exclusively on the wine cellaring needs of metro Washington DC wine collectors.

Our staff can create and build a complete wine cellar, in your basement, pantry, or anywhere in your home you have spare space. Caves a Vin will work closely with you to design a beautiful and unique wine cellar.